What We Do

Discover the core services we provide through our four strategic pillars, each aimed at strengthening and revitalizing our downtown community.

Our Services

What is a BIZ?

A Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) is a non-profit organization of business owners in an specific geographical area, most popularly Downtown’s. The businesses work together with other stakeholders to enhance the area’s image, safety, and marketability to create a positive environment for business and citizens to thrive.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the safety of downtown Brandon, collaborating with law enforcement and advocating for programs that maintain a secure atmosphere for all.

Cleanliness and Beautification

Our beautification initiatives ensure downtown is not only clean but also a visually appealing space for businesses and visitors alike.

Events, Promotion, and Marketing

We organize and support a variety of events and marketing efforts that showcase the vibrancy of downtown Brandon, driving foot traffic and community engagement.

Lobbying and Advocacy

Through tailored support and resources, we advocate for our members to thrive and contribute significantly to the downtown community’s prosperity.

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As a member, actively participate in shaping the downtown business hub. Engage in programs for security, maintenance, marketing, and networking that drive our community forward.