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“Joining Downtown BIZ is more than membership; it’s a partnership for progress. Together, we can shape downtown Brandon that is as prosperous as it is vibrant. Your business deserves this platform for growth”

Jordan Ludwig (Board Chair)

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Joining the Brandon Downtown BIZ connects you with a dynamic network dedicated to the prosperity and vibrancy of Brandon’s core. As a member, you gain a voice in the community, access to exclusive resources, and the collective strength to drive meaningful change.

100% Community Driven

Be part of a collective that's 100% committed to enhancing downtown Brandon where every member's contribution directly influences our community's growth and success.

Empowerment Through Advocacy

Stand with us as a vital part of a movement that’s wholeheartedly dedicated to empowering every corner of downtown Brandon. Your membership is more than participation, it’s a step towards unified advancement and prosperity.

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As a member, actively participate in shaping the downtown business hub. Engage in programs for security, maintenance, marketing, and networking that drive our community forward.

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